Allianz Sustainability Remix

Allianz Sustainability Remix

What is it?

The Allianz Technology Sustainability Remix is giving you the power to pioneer a sustainable future.

In teams of 5-6, you'll be remixing sustainability challenges with your own groundbreaking ideas. And in just 5 weeks, you'll be inspired and equipped to make a difference in Allianz Technology and beyond.


Each week you will have 1 inspiration session led by experts in the field of sustainability.

In addition to this you’ll have 1 activation session where you’ll be working in teams to solve a sustainability challenge for Allianz Technology.

The weeks:

Week 1 - Define the problem

All ideas start with finding and defining a problem worth solving. To help you work out if it is a problem worth solving, you need to ask yourself the most important question: “what would happen if this problem was solved?” If the answer is, nothing much really, then it’s probably not worth time exploring.

This session is all about finding & defining the best problem to solve now.

Week 2 - Remix the Solution

Once you’ve defined the problem it’s time for the fun bit, coming up with potential solutions that could fix the challenge.

In this session, you’re going to do something a little bit different - you’re going to “Remix the Solution” using inspiration from innovative sustainability startups.

Week 3 - Build your business case

Your business case is most likely going to be the part of your pitch that will get the most scrutiny. The Chief Product Officer at Adobe sums it up best; “It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.”

How you make idea happen > What idea is.

It’s time for you to take the problem worth solving, your good enough initial idea and turn it into a plan to make it all happen and a case that justifies why someone should back it.

Week 4 - Craft your Concept

You have defined a problem, articulated a solution and built a business case. What’s next? Startups call this stage in their Cube journey, “Break My Solution”. It’s the place where you put your solution to the test and attempt to bust the assumptions you have made by asking the hard questions.

• Where are we wrong?

• What are we missing?

• Is there a better way?

Week 5 - Create your Pitch

You have successfully made it to stage 5, the final stage of The Sustainability Remix journey; create your pitch. This is your opportunity to get across all the hard work you have put in over the last 4 stages.

Who knows where this pitch might take you?

Whether you were aware of it or not, throughout this journey you have been pitching. You will have been pitching to others at the early stages as you put forward a problem worth solving, articulating a solution, building a business case and crafting the overall concept.



This programme is all about remixing what already exists, so we’re linking you to 20 innovative sustainability startup that might be able to solve part or all of your challenges.

You can access the profiles of all the startups here:


Sustainability Startups

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